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Zapp increase app installs using dynamic, moment-led creative matched to the time of day

More App Installs vs Control
Higher Reach vs Control
Lower Cost Per Result vs Control

The Challenge

Zapp offers consumers the ability to conveniently order everyday essentials 24/7 from their app, and have these delivered to them in a matter of minutes.

To promote their app and service, Zapp together with their agency Brainlabs, wanted to test dynamic creative alongside a control campaign to determine if video content tailored to the time of day could drive increased app installs versus non-dynamic creative.

The Solution

Using the Spirable platform, Zapp and Brainlabs easily created a number of attention-grabbing video variations using dynamic templates. These highlighted key consumer moments from making sure you have everything you need for your party, to getting more drinks delivered while a big football match is playing. 

These creatives aimed to place Zapp at the forefront of a consumers’ mind when they’re in a pinch and need groceries quickly. The videos were served to consumers at relevant times of day; for instance, the football creative was delivered on Mon & Tue between 8pm & 11pm, Saturday 12pm – 8pm, and Sunday 12pm – 4pm, when matches were on, whilst the party creative was delivered  Thu – Sat between 8pm & 3am, with an extension on Friday starting from 4pm when people finish work.

By tapping into these moments, Zapp set out to create more relevant, relatable ads for their audiences across London, Cambridge, Manchester and Bristol.

“The Spirable platform made it easy and efficient for us to tailor and scale our creative to key consumer moments and locations. This meant we could connect with our audience in a more relevant way, ultimately driving 32% more app installs. We're excited about the effect dynamic creative has had on performance”
Simon Hiblen
Head of Performance Marketing, Zapp

The Result

Zapp’s tailored approach won the heart of smartphone users across the UK, with dynamic creative driving a whopping 32% more installs when compared to the control campaign.

The cherry on top? – Zapp achieved a 20% higher reach with dynamic creative whilst also delivering a 23% % lower cost-per-result.

Overall, through Spirable, Zapp was able to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way, understanding the way they shop, and turning frustrating moments into a sigh of relief through the use of their convenient delivery service.

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