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Unleash your creative performance

Spirable makes it easy to create, automate, distribute and optimise data-driven video marketing, at the speed and volume needed to capture attention and drive performance across channels.

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Increase your ROI with data-driven creative

Creative is the biggest driver of performance—but it's hard to get right. Spirable streamlines the creative and media process so you can automate the creation of the most impactful creative, and scale across social, programmatic, email and messenger channels.

Efficiently Build Creative at Scale

Automate the creation of tens to thousands of creative iterations.

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Personalise to Your Audience

Tailor creative at mass scale using privacy compliant data.

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Dynamically use Live Data

Adapt creative dynamically and in real-time.

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Localise for Your Markets

Centralise your creative templates and localise dynamically.

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Test, Analyse and Optimise

Create the best version of every ad, every time.

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Using the Spirable platform, we achieved as much as 10x sales ROI, through geo-targeted ads to drive cider and beer volume in pubs.

Matt Rix
Head of Data Driven Commerce
The Spirable Platform

Welcome to the new era of creative performance

Our unique ability to combine data-driven creative with creative intelligence and AI, allows you to create, automate, distribute and optimise your best performing creative, every time.

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Easily create modular, fully-customisable creative and video templates.


Dynamically personalise and iterate your creative using live and contextual data.


Traffic your dynamic creative across channels, formats, and markets.


Test, analyse, and optimise your creative through AI and optimisation technology.

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Why do brands love Spirable?

Because data-driven creative works. We help our customers achieve better marketing performance in the most cost-effective and efficient way—saving huge amounts of time and driving impressive results.

  • Self-serve creative performance platform for creative and media teams
  • Award-winning video creation and automation solution
  • Privacy compliant personalisation at scale
  • Seamless cross-channel distribution and optimisation
  • Performance gains, achieved in an efficient and cost-effective way

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