Dynamically use Live Data

Automate data-driven marketing and streamline creative workflows. Creative will never be dated by the time it’s distributed online.

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Privacy Compliant Data

Take advantage of data-driven creative

Spirable connects to a huge amount of live and contextual data triggers, social audience data, and CRM data to adapt creative dynamically and in real-time—all in a privacy compliant way.


Tailor your creative for specific personas and audience groups.


Target based on audience behaviour like usage times and search queries.


Establish audience preferences and construct creative to appeal to them.


Discover audience interests through automated research.


Reach audiences based on purchase intent and interest.

Time-Based Data

Increase relevance with time-based dynamic video

Use time-based triggers to adapt your creative based on time of day and day of week. Meet your buyers where they are in the moment.

Weather Data

Keep creative fresh with weather and environmental data

Reflect the local weather and other environmental data like UV and pollution levels by dynamically tapping into live feeds that update creative in real-time.

Social Audience Data

The right audience at the right time

Target your audience with relevant ads by dynamically tapping into social audience data to tailor creative based on interests and other social platform data.

Sports Data

Create urgency using live sports data and odds

Dynamically connect live odds pricing and other sports data like match times and scores into your creative. Inspire immediate action and a sense of urgency to increase conversions.
CRM Data

Use first party data for 1-to-1 personalisation

Tap into your CRM data to create highly personalised videos for email or messenger channels. Create unique experiences at every stage of the buying journey.
Custom Data

We tap into custom data

Our customers build innovative ads by tapping into custom data feeds. See what we did with Aldi, who leveraged their store traffic data to communicate key social distancing messaging and manage footfall to stores during the pandemic.
Betway logo

Betway increases app installs using data-driven, dynamic product ads

Betway leverages dynamic templates together with live data from their API feed to tailor their creative with multiple dynamic elements, including the bet market, the league, team names and team colours.

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“Spirable is an invaluable technology partner and platform for the Betway team, enabling us to enrich our ads with live data to boost relevancy, drive engagement and improve our workflow efficiencies. Using Spirable, we have seen a measurable increase in app installs, conversions and performance”