Test, analyse, and optimise your creative

To get the most out of your creative, Spirable provides a streamlined and scalable creative intelligence solution, to get the best returns on your media spend.

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The Optimal Creative

The best creative, every time

Create, automate, and optimise the best version of every ad with powerful Creative AI technology. Deep creative analysis coupled with advanced test and learn, allows you to produce the best creative for each audience—reducing the bias that can creep into the creative process.
Leading Benefits

Get the most out your advertising spend

Test creative at scale

Optimise media spend

Reduce ad fatigue

Analyse your creative

Increase performance

Test & Learn

Achieve creative testing at scale

Make creative testing as easy as media level testing through Spirable's simplified workflow. Easily create test groups at scale for multiple types of tests—from split to multi-variant testing.

Creative Analysis

Increase performance through Creative AI

Using computer vision and machine learning, Spirable can analyse and understand each element of your creative and its impact on attention. Providing insights to help improve your performance.
In-flight Optimisation

Reduce ad fatigue with in-flight optimisation

Ad fatigue can set in quickly during a campaign. To reduce this, Spirable can adapt your creative in-flight with changes applied immediately to your live, cross-channel campaigns.
Reporting and Insights

AI-Generated insights and reporting

Understand not only what creative is performing, but have the insight to know why. Spirable makes it easy to see what’s working and gives you the agility to react.

Vodafone exceeds all marketing expectations with highly personalised, dynamic video ads

Vodafone drives consideration of its two own-brand smart devices by utilising dynamic, data driven video ads.

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"Spirable is a hugely powerful platform that would be a fantastic addition to any media plan that supports a highly complex or diverse product, helping it to make it relevant to many people at scale."
Paul Carton
Head of Digital, Vodafone