Localise for different markets

Easily centralise creative templates and dynamically localise for each local market and language.

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Global Templates

Data-driven localisation

Dynamically localise globally approved creative templates with data that is relevant to each market like local pricing, special offers and products.
Increase your ROI

Reduce headaches with a streamlined process

Consistently deliver high performing creative at scale, through efficient workflows that save your team time, effort and budget. Automate the creation of consistent, on-brand creative and maximise your ROI.


Centralised dynamic templates


Localised creative variations


Cross-channel distribution

Hyper-local Creative

Speak their language to engage

Capture attention and connect with your audience on a local level using dynamic languages to increase engagement.

Philips significantly drives engagement and awareness with personalised social videos

Using Spirable, Philips generated over 400 unique videos, which automatically updated daily based on location, date, time and pollen count.

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“By combining existing creative assets with contextual data, Philips used the Spirable platform to generate hundreds of video ads automatically. We saw a significant increase in engagement and video views thanks to delivering video content that was more tailored to different audiences based on location, time of the day and live pollen count.”
Louise Foster
Brand, Communications and Digital Director, Philips