Ribble Cycles drive brand awareness in key UK markets by delivering useful, personalised videos on Facebook

Informative, personalised videos significantly increase engagement


Increase in Full-Video Views


Increase in People Taking Action


Reduction in Cost Per Result

The challenge

Ribble Cycles wanted to increase brand awareness with cycling enthusiasts in key UK locations by creating contextually relevant and informative videos that would inspire cyclists to engage with the brand.

The solution

Using the Spirable platform, Ribble Cycles created a dynamic video template in minutes and a set of high-level rules to map the creative to their audiences on Facebook.

This enabled each audience to get a different version of the creative based on location, gender and weather. Each personalised video included a useful cycling route and weather-appropriate product recommendation. All elements of the video including text, images and video where dynamically driven by the data.

The campaign was fully automated from Spirable to Facebook through the Facebook Marketing API and the Spirable platform created hundreds of versions of the creative during the campaign.

The results

Ribble Cycles managed to boost brand awareness within key markets in the UK. Personalised, and useful video content reduced the cost per result by 42%.

Informative video content vastly increased brand engagement: full-video views rose by 837%. Clicks more than doubled, and people taking action increased by almost 700%.

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