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Pringles engage football fans across 6 countries using real-time, personalised messaging

+ 3.2%
Higher VTR on Twitter vs Standard Activity
Dynamic, Video Ads Generated
+ 8%
Higher Feed Post 3s VTR with In-Flight Optimisation

The Challenge

As the world began to emerge from lockdowns, the return of live sports presented an unmissable opportunity for brands to celebrate with fans.

To join in on the anticipation and fanfare around the return of football, Pringles together with agency partners Carat and their dynamic creative specialists, Presto, set out to dynamically reflect real-time action in their creative, helping the brand to connect with fans in new and exciting ways.

To achieve this, Pringles wanted to enrich and scale their ads for 6 markets whilst retaining the jovial creative which the brand is best known for. With the help of Genius Sports, the snack giant set out to capitalise on the excitement of the biggest in-match moments with timely, relevant messaging.

The Solution

Using the Spirable platform, Presto set-up and utilised dynamic video templates together with Genius Sports’ live sports data, to automate over 1000 data-driven video ads across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ads focused on key moments throughout matches; such as when goals were scored or at the full-time whistle, using funny, eye-catching scenes to capture the attention of the audience. These ranged from best friends celebrating with cans of Pringles in-hand, to hilarious scenes of a football player making ‘duck lips’ with the savoury crisps. These were delivered in 6 languages, across 6 markets, including; the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

This was achieved through active collaboration between Pringles’ dynamic creative specialists Presto, media partners Carat and enabled via a direct API between live data provided by Genius Sports and the Spirable platform. Genius Sports data enabled Pringles to deliver one-of-kind insights around games in real-time – engaging fans in unique ways to drive engagement, at mass scale.

“Using Spirable, Pringles were able to create fun, live sports-driven video ads which were relevant to each of our 6 key European markets, connecting us to fans using the real-time messaging during the biggest in-match moments”
Erica Hungerford
Director of Dynamic Creative, Dentsu

The Result

Through close partnership with its agency partners, Genius Sports’ Spirable platform and live sports data, Pringles effectively reached fans at both triumphant and disappointing moments. This included commentary on the lead up to games, during in-match moments using 11 different triggers, and results; delivering relevant and comical creative to audiences across 6 countries.

The campaign successfully thrilled an increasingly fragmented audience; using over 1000 data-driven videos to connect with viewers. 

The results unearthed interesting insights, revealing that videos which catered to rival team winning moments and half-time messaging, captured audience attention most, at a time when it was more likely that they would switch off from the action. It’s this passionate fervour for the game that helped to put Pringles at the heart of the conversation with fans dual-screening.

Furthermore, through the use of in-flight optimisation the teams at Carat and Presto were able to automate the creation of hundreds of unique variations, driving time and resource efficiencies. This also empowered them to test and learn which resonated best with audiences; to inform and drive better results both for this campaign and in the future.

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