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Domino’s employs Creative Intelligence to drive phenomenal performance

Greater iROAS vs Original Creative
Higher ThruPlays vs Original Creative
Higher CTR vs Original Creative

The Challenge

Domino’s Pizza is one of the most recognised pizza chains in the world, selling a global average of 3 million delicious pizzas a day.

The brand often tempts its customers with ads of their mouth-watering food, but wanted to investigate how they could improve their video creative using technology and AI.

To explore and achieve their goal, Domino’s utilised Spirable’s Creative Intelligence Suite to test and challenge the effectiveness of their original creative, with 3 additional variants based on Spirable insights and recommendations.

The Solution

Spirable leveraged Domino’s original creative assets together with our template builder to create 3 unique variants that integrated recommendations for improved performance. This ran across a 4 week period as a multi-cell split test on Facebook to fairly and accurately assess which of the videos drove the highest return on ad spend.

Spirable’s AI analysis discovered that the motion moving the pizza out of frame in the original video hampered attention. Our Creative Intelligence Suite instead suggested 3 alternatives; of which one featured a more subtle steam animation that it determined would capture and hold attention more effectively, therefore increasing the overall performance of the ad.

The Result

The result saw Spirable’s AI-optimised ad drive substantially higher performance, with the video creative that showed rising steam from a piping hot cheesy pizza winning the hearts of customers; tempting more online conversions than the original creative.

The optimised video ad saw 19.6% greater return on ad spend (iROAS) whilst driving a 9% lower cost per result (CPR). It additionally culminated in 13.6% higher ThruPlays and a 6% higher click-through-rate (CTR), proving that technology and AI can aid creatives and brands in testing hypotheses and learning more about what resonates with their audience.

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