30 March

Spirable wins Best Video Ad Tech Innovation at the Digiday Awards 2021

After a rather tense (virtual) wait during the Digiday Video & TV Awards 2021, Spirable were announced the winners of Best Video Ad Tech Innovation for our work supporting Aldi’s safer shopping campaign.

This was hugely important to us as the campaign showcased not only the power of data-driven creative, but also how a brand could innovatively create ads that don’t look like ads, they look like useful content, which is our key mission here at Spirable. The informative videos achieved this goal by tapping into store data across 890 Aldi outlets, to dynamically generate ads across Facebook and Instagram that advised customers which stores were quietest, and at which times— helping them shop safely at a time when many were anxious to leave their homes.

The solution involved Aldi and their agency McCann Manchester leveraging the supermarket retailers’ valuable store-traffic data to distinguish the quietest times to shop. Using Spirable’s dynamic technology, the teams were able to combine this with a bold, colourful creative and carefully crafted social-distancing messaging to create their eye-catching videos.

Aldi’s safer shopping campaign is a fantastic example of customer-centricity, and showcases perfectly how brands can bolster customer loyalty using effective data and advertising in the right way- presenting an effective approach to communicating the information consumers need the most.

Creative performance technology is becoming a critical part of a brands marketing stack. Now more than ever, digital advertising needs to be reactive, relevant and meaningful. The Spirable platform allows brands to achieve this in an automated way and at scale – using data in respectful ways to create valuable experiences that people love. In the case of Aldi, this helped them communicate key information to keep their shoppers safe and resulted in a more even flow of footfall to reduce queues outside of Aldi stores.

If you would like to learn more about the Aldi case study, or would like to learn how you can get started with data-driven creative get in touch.