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02 July

Personalisation with Purpose: 6 Effective 1:1 Video Strategies

First-party data strategies that include personalisation across channels such as email and messenger, enable marketers to accurately target the right customer with the right message – perfectly tailored to them. Driving better engagement and more conversations along the funnel from awareness to conversion and loyalty.

In this guide, we reveal 6 key strategies that marketers can adopt to maximise the use of first-party data to not only create useful, thoughtful content at scale, but also drive results in an efficient, scalable and highly engaging way using personalised video.

In this guide

  • Discover why establishing a strong first-party data strategy is now crucial – especially for your future success.
  • Explore 6 key strategies that are both surprisingly powerful in driving performance, and elegantly simple enough to execute with ease.
  • Learn how leading brands are already implementing these tactics and the results they have seen.
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