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18 July

Creative Intelligence: The New Dawn of Optimisation & AI

As the advertising landscape is evolves, capturing and holding the attention of audiences is becoming more and more difficult.

A new approach is needed, aided by technology, to give you the upper hand. Learning how to effectively connect with viewers and produce more meaningful, in-the-moment content is essential.

In this guide we explain what Creative Intelligence is, what it can do, and why it’s crucial for you to be an adopter. It won’t just help you get a step ahead of your competitors, but it will also ensure that you are efficiently delivering the best possible creative that captivates your audience.

In this guide:

  • Learn what Creative Intelligence is, and how AI can enhance your creative using data-driven insights
  • Discover how these AI-driven insights helped Domino’s Pizza drive incredible performance uplifts
  • Explore the different ways in which you can integrate Creative AI in your workflow
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