Betway increases app installs using data-driven, dynamic product ads

Using Spirable, Betway can now create dynamic ads that reflect the latest live odds.


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The goal

Betway is a leading provider of online entertainment, including pre-game and live sports betting.

In support of their acquisition strategy, Betway wanted to promote real-time betting, by incorporating live odds data and dynamic elements into their ads to provide football fans with a more relevant, personalised experience.

The solution

Using Spirable’s self-serve platform, Betway leveraged fully customisable, dynamic templates together with live data from their API feed to tailor their creative with multiple dynamic elements, including the bet market, the league, team names and team colours.

These were then generated and automatically distributed by Spirable, with ads appearing in the run up to each match to boost anticipation and enable fans to keep up with the latest odds for their favourite teams.

By utilising Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads in conjunction with Spirable’s dynamic templates, Betway were able to apply learnings from the actions users took on their website to ensure that the most relevant odds were served to the right audience in order to increase engagement and drive results.

“Spirable is an invaluable technology partner and platform for the Betway team, enabling us to enrich our ads with live data to boost relevancy, drive engagement and improve our workflow efficiencies. Using Spirable, we have seen a measurable increase in app installs, conversions and performance”

- Betway

The result

Through the Spirable platform, Betway has been able to efficiently create, distribute and update dynamic ads at scale, across Facebook, seeing a 31% reduction in the cost per install of their app.

The reactive solution allowed for the perfect response to a myriad of possible sporting outcomes, resulting in an 186% increase in click to install rates, in addition to an increase of 116% in app installs via Facebook, showcasing that the unique ads enticed viewers to take action, and ultimately bet on games.

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