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Vodafone exceeds all marketing expectations with highly personalised, dynamic video ads

Uplift in Sales
View-Through-Rate on YouTube

The Challenge

Vodafone Ireland, the country’s largest mobile network serving 1.95 million subscribers, was hugely challenged in the smart devices market and wanted to improve its position.

The challenge for Vodafone and their creative agency was to create, distribute and then update content in real-time for vast audiences. Without an AI-powered and automated platform, the generation of personalised videos would have required a huge amount of human and financial resources. Furthermore, experiencing a high level of accuracy with low process time would have been unreachable.

Vodafone chose the Spirable platform for its cutting-edge technology in order to reach its goals.

The Solution

The goal of the Vodafone devices campaign was to drive consideration of two new own-brand smart devices by measuring traffic to Vodafone stores and their website, as well as sales uplift.

Spirable integrated multiple data feeds and creative assets to automate the creation of personalised videos, which were delivered across Facebook, YouTube and Display channels. Videos included several dynamic elements: audience, location, time of the day, day of the week and weather data. Over 5,500 unique videos were generated during the campaign.

Each video started with a contextually relevant, weather driven “hook” message. The next scene showcased a feature of the device relevant to the context of the use, followed by a CTA, “Get Directions” to a local Vodafone store or a link to a relevant online product page.

“Spirable is a hugely powerful platform that would be a fantastic addition to any media plan that supports a highly complex or diverse product, helping it to make it relevant to many people at scale.”
Paul Carton
Head of Digital, Vodafone Ireland

The Result

The dynamic personalised videos had a view-through rate of 28% on YouTube, over an 18% benchmark. The cost-per-page view decreased by 28% when compared with a generic control. This ultimately led to a 1.5 times higher share of sales and 100% uplift in sales since the campaign was launched.

The campaign surpassed its goals, generating over 3.9 million impressions across Facebook, YouTube and Display. The dynamic Facebook ads resulted in 3 times higher landing page views with an average of 24% users watching 100% of the video. Due to the impressive campaign results, similar campaigns have been rolled out across international Vodafone markets.

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