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Vodafone drives awareness across-channel using dynamic data-driven video ads

Videos Generated
Uplift in Landing Page Traffic

The Challenge

Vodafone Germany wanted to increase awareness of their Gigacube 5G, a portable wireless router, using personalised video.

To achieve their goal, Vodafone determined precise target groups that would best benefit from the product, but being able to reach these varied audiences with tailored video content presented a challenge, and would be a struggle without a technology platform to help dynamically create and distribute data-driven video at scale.

The Solution

Vodafone identified several use cases which strongly resonated with the Gigacube’s features, for example, with gamers and streamers this would be the fast internet speeds it provided, and with holiday makers this would be the portability of the device. These were then further enhanced by sorting them using the following parameters: Under 28, Over 28, Existing Customers and New Customers, to create 32 unique target groups.

Using Spirable, Vodafone combined easy-to-use dynamic templates together with 1st party data, coverage data, and location data to create unique videos tailored with the right benefits, tariffs and directions to an individuals’ nearest Vodafone store.

During the campaign, Vodafone were able to optimise and switch their creative in-flight, allowing them to finetune performance and combat ad fatigue. This would normally consume significant resources, but by utilising Spirable, this was easily achieved with the delivery of their new video ads being automatically distributed and updated across all channels.

The Result

Vodafone’s impressive data-driven strategy resulted in 20,544 unique personalised videos being created and delivered via programmatic, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, and YouTube.

The highly-relevant nature of the videos resulted in a 125% uplift in traffic to the Gigacube landing page, and was further amplified through the use of personalised messaging to ensure 2x higher quality traffic, and a 2x higher CTR versus the previous benchmark.

Overall the individualised videos achieved a VTR of 61% non-forced views. These astounding results contributed to a total of over 235 million impressions.

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