Very improves customer loyalty by delivering personalised 'shoppable' lookbook videos via email

Personalised lookbook videos increase loyalty and retention


Videos Generated


Weekly Product Recommendations


Email CTR

The challenge

Very, a large online fashion retailer, wanted to find a more effective way to communicate with their customers through email marketing. By partnering with Spirable they wanted to measure the power of personalised videos versus their current generic newsletter.

The solution

Very created a dynamic template for personalised birthday videos, featuring recommendations based on a customers profile and a special offer.

Using the Spirable platform, Very was able to generate and distribute thousands of birthday videos tailored to individuals in an automated fashion.

The results

Very has managed to surprise and delight their customers with highly personalised videos: the email CTR has increased by four times. Over 600,000 dynamic videos with personalised product recommendations have been generated to date.

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