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S.Oliver increases sales by creating stunning customer-centric videos

Personalised Videos Generated
Sales Increase
CTR Increase

The Challenge

Email is often seen an oversaturated channel with customers receiving dozens of emails a day, it can be a challenge to stand out amongst a growing inbox.

s.Oliver: one of Europe’s leading fashion companies, wanted to increase engagement at different stages of the customer CRM journey, and looked at using personalised video at scale to achieve this.

The Solution

To achieve their goal, s.Oliver dynamically integrated key data feeds from their CRM through the Spirable platform, to create captivating personalised video content at scale.

Using data such as name and gender, s.Oliver were able to cleverly tailor their email communications to the recipient, enabling them to craft unique product recommendations, birthday offers and engaging visual content.

The Result

With Spirable’s easy-to-use interface and templates, s.Oliver was able to generate stunning customer-centric personalised videos, which helped the brand to engage at multiple stages in the CRM customer journey.

This had a huge impact, and was especially seen in their birthday campaign with results including an uplift of 163% in website visits, 82% increase in unique clicks, 61% in orders, and 65% growth in sales.

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