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Pandora drives huge efficiency gains with dynamic data-driven video

Unique Ads Created Using One Template
Locations Covered
Workflow Efficiency

The Challenge

Pandora wanted to increase customer awareness and drive footfall into stores, leading up to and during the Christmas season.

The objective of the campaign was to create a sense of urgency around gift buying, and notify consumers of the remaining time left until Christmas day. Pandora also wanted to tell consumers about their nearest store location, where they could purchase the perfect present for their loved ones.

The Solution

Pandora used the Spirable platform to create 7,623 uniquely tailored videos from 30 localised assets across 231 store locations, utilising easy-to-use templates and dynamic data integrations.

The videos dynamically changed depending on how many days were left until Christmas day, their nearest store, and the appropriate messaging for the individual.

"Spirable was critical to the success of our Christmas campaign. The platform allowed us to use data to dynamically create thousands of personalised videos, creating a 99% time efficiency gain and helping drive awareness and footfall to Pandora stores using location data"
Emma Diggins
Digital Marketing Manager, Pandora

The Result

With the Spirable platform, Pandora was able to create the 7,623 video ads in only 5 hours vs what would be 670 hours* if the personalised ads were created manually. This resulted in a 99% workflow efficiency.

The ability to create automated and personalised video content for hyper-localised store locations opened up a wealth of advantages. These included allowing Pandora more autonomy and assurance that equal budget was allocated to each location, that ads only ran during store hours, and the opportunity to optimise their media spend – ultimately avoiding any media wastage.

As a direct result of partnering with Spirable, Pandora had full control over the creative process, and were able to streamline their workflow via the automated delivery of videos to their Facebook and Instagram channels.

*Based on 3 minutes to create an ad set, and 5 minutes to create an ad from scratch.

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