Neutrogena increases sales using data-driven dynamic video

The award-winning campaign showcases Neutrogena's Deep Clean face wash through a clever use of pollution, location & air quality data.


View-Through Rate (VTR)


Sales Increase


Reduction in Media Spend

The challenge

Neutrogena is a skincare, haircare and cosmetics brand that had seen a fall in demand for skincare products in recent years. The brand aimed to drive awareness and sales of their new ‘Deep Clean’ face wash amongst key audiences across Thailand.

The solution

Neutrogena utilised Spirable to create over 200 dynamic smart videos across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. These leveraged live real-time data including pollution, location and air quality to drive higher relevancy and to trigger different audience messaging.

The campaign also integrated influencers and TVC assets to create bespoke audience videos across social media.

Dynamic Data-Driven VideoSpirable & Neutrogena

Watch to discover how Neutrogena's award-winning campaign increased sales by 11% using personalised video at scale.

The result

Through a successful combination of innovative creatives and a powerful use of data, Neutrogena were able to raise awareness of local pollution levels and the need for their Deep Clean face wash.

These highly targeted and tailored personalised videos saw a 2x increase in engagement, proving highly effective and generating an 11% sales increase despite a 10% reduction in media spend.

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