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Holland & Barrett builds brand loyalty with eye-catching, personalised birthday videos

Birthday Videos
Customers Watched the Full Video
Increase in Email CTR

The Challenge

Holland & Barrett wanted to celebrate and connect with their customers by creating personalised birthday videos containing a gift.

To achieve this, Holland & Barrett required a solution that could enable them to leverage their existing data, create personalised videos with ease, and efficiently distribute these automatically at scale.

The Solution

Using Spirable, Holland & Barrett set up an automated data process to integrate their weekly birthday data from their CRM system.

Through the Spirable platform, this was combined with a dynamic video template that the brand built in minutes, and a set of high-level rules. Spirable then generated thousands of birthday videos and tailored the gift based on the customer’s purchase history.

Videos were then distributed directly via email, with customers being able to watch their unique video on a customised, bespoke landing page. The video also enabled the customer to click the products as they feature in the video and redeem their gift.

Holland and Barratt

The Result

The colourful, tailored videos helped Holland & Barrett connect with their customers, helping to show their audience they care about them, rewarding and investing in their brand loyalty.

The personalised videos resulted in a 4.2X increase in email click-through rates. Moreover, 69% of customers watched the full video, showcasing the ability of personalised video to capture attention and captivate audiences.

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