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Captain Morgan drives footfall to offline venues with hyper-localised video advertising

YoY Uplift in Sales
Redemption Rate for Coupons
Customers Continued the Conversation

The Challenge

Captain Morgan wanted to foster brand affiliation by building an engaging, 1-2-1 conversation with its audience. Captain Morgan’s research showed that customers who previously used a drinks coupon, often didn’t have another touchpoint with the brand afterwards. It wanted to get closer to these customers, drive on-trade sales and close the loop between the online and offline experience.

This led to Captain Morgan’s geo-targeted social media campaign strategy using the Spirable platform to deliver geo-targeted, personalised video ads across Facebook and Instagram that called out the city that the user was in.

The Solution

Tailored ad creative from the Captain targeted more than 50 local areas in the UK with thumb-stopping ads.

From a single video template, the Spirable platform automatically created and delivered geo-targeted ads across the UK on Instagram and Facebook, which drove users to Captain Morgan’s Messenger chatbot.

Once there, customers received a drinks offer and, after they redeemed this, their name and location was used to create a personalised video that was sent to the customer on Messenger to celebrate with them in that moment – in the form of a personalised ‘Cheers’ from the Captain.

The Result

By combining the smart use of targeting capabilities with the ability to create personalised video at scale, Captain Morgan was able to massively exceed KPIs while creating a series of seamless, personalised touchpoints for customers.

Creating localised ads increased engagement and recall, and resulted in driving more customers through to Messenger.

2,000 personalised videos were created for users on Messenger. With a 9.6% redemption rate for coupons.

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