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Cadbury drives awareness of new products using hyper-relevant video advertising

Creatives from One Template
CTR Vs Control
Setup Time

The Challenge

Cadbury is the second largest confectionery brand in the world.

To drive a sales uplift of their new 30% Less Sugar products, Cadbury wanted to increase the relevancy of their existing base creative, and in turn boost brand consideration.

The Solution

Using Spirable’s dynamic creative platform, Cadbury were able to utilise one initial asset together with a single dynamic template to scale the creation of 84 personalised videos. Each of these videos featured copy written specially to drive relevancy and engagement with targeted audiences, across 7 days of the week, and 3 different time periods.

Spirable intelligently triggered ads on and off across a daily schedule, with the best performing times being tracked so that further optimisation could take place in-flight. In addition to this, a control was implemented to drive learnings and test against the personalised creative. Finally, using Spirable’s A.I technology, creative optimisation was integrated mid-flight to ensure maximum performance.

“Traditionally setting-up and scheduling 80+ creatives is extremely time consuming. However, using Spirable for the Cadbury campaign, resulted in over a 60% reduction in campaign set-up time”
Josh Reynolds
iProspect Paid Social Director
"The team at Spirable helped make the process seamless. Working with different stakeholders throughout the set up process, the team has always been willing to go above and beyond"
Planning Team

The Result

Spirable’s self-serve platform empowered Cadbury with the ability to scale and optimise the entire creative workflow across creation, automation, distribution and optimisation. Utilising Spirable led to a 60% reduction in campaign setup time, boosting cost-effectiveness.

Using Spirable’s advanced creative optimisation technology; A.I and machine learning were applied to provide insights and recommendations. The use of personalised creative saw reduced levels of ad fatigue – resulting in a 45% increase in CTR against the control.

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