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Cadbury utilises Facebook SAC to boost brand awareness and efficiencies

Higher ad recall lift
Higher brand awareness
Higher message association

The Challenge

In the past 5 years Cadbury and Merlin Entertainment have partnered to provide consumers with free tickets for thrilling days out alongside the purchase of promotional Cadbury chocolate bags.

In support of this long-standing promotion, Cadbury sought to create localised, data-driven video ads to drive action and increase awareness. Together with Spirable, the confectionery company aimed to leverage Facebook’s cutting-edge Segment Asset Customisation (SAC) technology.

The Solution

Through Spirable, Cadbury’s agencies – Elvis, Carat and iProspect – were able to utilise Facebook’s SAC functionality to avoid having to split locations into individual ad sets.

This is important as SAC enables brands and agencies to retain the greater buying efficiencies that are often seen with large audiences, whilst also ensuring only the most relevant creatives are served to the right audience.

Using Spirable’s Creative Performance platform, Cadbury created and distributed over 450 dynamic, localised video ads that promoted a consumer’s nearest Merlin attraction. These also featured customised backgrounds and theme park balloon graphics tailored to each attraction.

“The collaboration and efficiency demonstrated was hugely critical to meeting the tight lead time, truly demonstrating agility at its best” “The results we’ve seen are hugely impressive, and something we will certainly look to continue to use in future campaigns”
Lyndsey Homer
Brand Manager, Cadbury

The Result

The campaign was not only a success due to the innovative use of SAC, but also exceeded performance expectations.

A Facebook Brand Lift Study compared the dynamic videos ads alongside a broad audience creative and saw an 85% higher ad recall, in addition to a 42% lift in brand awareness and a 125% higher message association, clearly showcasing the effectiveness of data-driven creative.

Due to the success of the campaign, Cadbury is now considering leveraging the technology for their future DCO activity.

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