24 November

Boost your ROI in Q5 – the post-holiday period your brand should be preparing for

In the business world we’re taught that there are four, distinct quarters to the yearly calendar. That’s why you might be surprised to know there’s a ‘Q5’ that many marketers are now discovering and building their strategies around.

Q5 starts just after the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping on Christmas Day, into the middle to end of January. By this point many consumers have completed their gift buying and a new type of consumer spending behaviour kicks in; as buyers look to capitalise on sales, spend gift cards and cash they may have received over the festive period, look to splurge on new year resolutions and hobbies, or just treat themselves after buying gifts for all of their loved ones.

What makes Q5 unique is that historically it has been shown to have low CPCs, CPIs and the lowest CPM rates of any time during the year, with less competition from brands who expect a lul in consumer spending. Even during the pandemic, with consumers spending more time online, this trend continued in 2020. According to Addict-Mobile, in 2020, a whopping 60% decrease was seen in CPM between 19th December and 1st January, with low rates seen extending into January.

What’s best, Q5 isn’t regional, or platform-specific, meaning savvy brands can distribute meaningful campaigns during this period across all channels to truly leverage the value it presents.

Here are our top 3 tips for brands looking to take advantage of Q5:

1) Invest in a strategy for Q5

Q5 should be seen as the unique opportunity it is. Think carefully about how your audience will be shopping with your brand during this time, for many consumers this means engaging with your social content, reading promotional emails and clicking on your ads. 

For example, your video creative and messaging could be based around getting a head start on new year fitness goals or looking their best with beauty trends. If you want to increase awareness around upcoming product lines launching soon, this would be the best time to get your creative in front of a captive audience; driving newsletter sign ups.

2) Stand out with, and scale up your creative

During the festive period many consumers will be browsing their social feeds, interacting with moments from friends and family, so it’s important to ensure your creative stands out, and delivers meaningful value to your audience. By dynamically tailoring your creative with a platform like Spirable, you can personalise your messaging to suit the time of day, or weather, to easily help your message resonate with shoppers after the festive period. 

Spirable also enables marketers to dynamically scale their creative from templates into thousands of unique variations. Lower CPMs afford you the benefit of being able to deliver your scaled creative, at a much lower cost than at any other time of the year, helping to drive impressive efficiencies.

3)  Lean on automation for maximum cost-efficiency

It’s more than likely that many of your team will still be on annual leave during the holiday period, so planning, preparing and automating as much as you can will be key to your success during Q5. 

Using Spirable, marketers can easily automate the distribution of ads across-channel, with the ability to amend copy on the fly for time-based promotions. All of this results in fully-automated, easily scalable campaigns that drive superior ROI, by taking advantage of the low costs associated with the Q5 period.

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