First Direct drives up website traffic with hyper-targeted social media video ads

Increase engagement with hyper-localised social media videos


View-Through Rate


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Unique Videos

The challenge

First Direct wanted to launch an ‘Always-On’ campaign on social media to promote incentives and drive website traffic to their website. To create a hyper-targeted video ads First Direct decided to use the Spirable platform.

The solution

First Direct created a dynamic video template by using the intuitive Spirable platform. The videos changed dynamically based on a complex data matrix.

Audiences were targeted based on whether they were existing or new, customer profiles, and interests.

Data-driven creative (and incentive) on videos was triggered by day of the week, time of the day, weather, location, and birthdays coming up in the next 7 days.

The results

The dynamically created Facebook newsfeed ads are always in-the-moment and reactive based on location, weather, birthdays, and time. As a result the hyper-targeted campaign video achieved an 12.7% view-through rate. Overall, 2,000 unique videos were created.

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