Baileys launches new products with personalised, time and weather-triggered video ads on social media

Dynamic, weather-triggered social media videos to drive awareness


Video Content Watched


Increase in Post Reactions


decrease in cost per 3-second view

The challenge

Baileys chose the Spirable platform to drive awareness of their new product lines in key markets within the UK.

The solution

Baileys wanted to target audiences in key locations within the UK via Facebook and Instagram.

Using the Spirable platform they created a dynamic video template in minutes. The creative changed based on an audience’s location, weather data, time of the day and day of the week.

During the campaign the AI-powered Spirable platform created hundreds of videos automatically that were relevant to each audience and delivered them across social media. Videos responded to relevant data variables in real-time.

The results

The dynamic, weather triggered Facebook and Instagram newsfeed ads significantly increased engagement with the brand.

On average, 38% of video content was watched leading to an 84% increase in post reactions. Moreover, there was a 50% decrease in cost per 3-second view.

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