The New Year has started and it’s the right time to update our marketing stack. Automation seems to have entered every industry and marketing is no exception. Marketing Automation refers to the use of software to target customers with automated marketing notifications and messages across various channels such as email, social media and messaging. Basically, automation processes offer tools to gather and analyse data, and then built refined customer segmentation and create more effective dynamic, personalised content. Automation can help companies to save a tremendous amount of time, money and human resources. Moreover, brands are able to create highly targeted campaigns for millions of people.

Another major trend that goes hand-in-hand with automation is personalised marketing. In personalised marketing companies use various triggers to optimise the timing, content, offer, and design of every customer experience. Marketers should also think what the key stages along the customer lifecycle are and how they should react to them. The aim is to catch target customers’ attention straight away with an appropriate message. The right timing is essential for business growth and revenue. Bain & Company’s global survey found that what differentiates marketing leaders from the rest of industry players is their better understanding of making timely connections with customers, as well as their investment in supporting technology. With timely, personalised and contextual messaging brands, can increase the likelihood of immediate purchases and build long term, loyal relationships with customers.

Creating Accurate, Relevant, Timely Content at Scale

Automated marketing can offer several benefits for both consumers and business owners. According to a McKinsey report, for 80% of customers, personalisation is important and 83% of consumers are willing to share data for personalised experiences. This comes not as a surprise given the “burden of choice” the majority of consumers are facing today. People don’t want to be bombarded by irrelevant ads. They want to be informed of offers that genuinely meet their individual needs. Accenture found 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognise, remember and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. Moreover, when personalisation strategy is fully implemented it can lead to 10-20% more efficient marketing and greater cost savings as well as 10-30% uplift in revenue and retention. Certainly, there is also long-term post effect on customer satisfaction.

For instance, retail business, which typically operates in omni-channel format, requires companies to adopt advanced technology solutions in order to deliver frictionless and engaging shopping experiences where all multi-channel marketing and sales touchpoints are integrated. The competition for customers’ attention is fierce. Customers expect content to always be tailored for them and inspiring. Thus, it’s critical to tie digital messages together with offline experiences so that generated ads reflect current time, location, customer behavior and interests as well as available offering. Especially for loyalty program customers it’s crucial to be able to deliver tailored offers – not generic ones. Automating the site and ad updates can help to keep consumers excited and interested with less time and money spent.

With automation technology, content can be made relevant for well defined audience segments. Although humans can still make most strategy and creative decisions better than machines, they cannot create multiple versions of dynamic content and determine the right combination at the right time for audiences of hundreds or even millions of consumers across various channels. Adobe found in their annual Digital Trends survey that the top-performing companies are more than twice as likely to be using AI for their marketing activities. Furthermore, the survey found that those brands that “have the tools to use data in order to create compelling, personalised, real time experiences” are 50% more likely than their peers to have exceeded significantly their business goals. Moreover, with AI-technology updates can be implemented immediately to ads based on relevant triggers, instead of creating more generic season or event based ads. Data-activated marketing based on an individual’s real time needs, interests and behaviors can boost total sales by 15-20%.

With automation companies can create more accurate campaigns that are not error prone like manually created ones. With advanced AI-powered technology more objective view of customers can be created without marketers’ own biases. In its best, highly sophisticated ads reflect in-the-moment real world situations, such as changing stock level and weather.

The Many Benefits of a Creative Tech Partner

Most companies do recognise the importance of personalised marketing: for 90% of retailers personalisation is a top priority, but only 15% believe they have nailed it. Companies struggle to find the right technology tools to generate personalised ads at a large scale across all channels. At the same time, consumers are expecting convenience and personalised recommendations. Yet, most of them feel digital experiences don’t meet their expectations: 48% of consumers have left a business’s website and made a purchase elsewhere because it was poorly curated.

This is where an advanced tech company partner, such us Spirable, can make a significantly measurable difference. Investing in advanced technology and data pays off: marketing leaders are 1.6 more likely to fully integrate technology platforms and 1.7 times more likely to refresh data at least weekly than laggards. Spirable’s, AI-powered and fully self-serve platform, offers trigger-based marketing optimisation solutions. Spirable automates the creation of contextually relevant and personalised marketing videos simple by combining various data feeds and brand creative assets to generate personalised videos at scale across social media, display and CRM channels. The videos are always optimised in real time: they change as often as their audiences and environments around them do. Triggers can be anything from current location, time of the day, weather or even live sports scores. Spirable ensures the created content is always fresh, in-the-moment and highly engaging at an individual level.

To find more about our cutting-edge creative technology solution and successful client stories, visit our website to get inspired. Spirable is used by major global brands to create dynamic, contextually relevant and personalised marketing video at scale.