Data-Driven Video Creation Platform

Use data to dynamically create thousands of personalised and hyper-relevant videos to inspire your audiences across social, email, display and messenger channels.

Increase ROI with Creative Optimisation

The Spirable platform uses machine learning and AI to provide you with the insights to optimise creative in-flight – delivering the most effective video ads at the lowest cost.

Inspire Travellers Along the Customer Journey

Use data-driven video across social, email, display and messenger channels to tell the most compelling stories at the right time along the customer journey from awareness to loyalty.

Meaningful Content at the Right Time

Today’s consumer invests a lot of time comparing travel options online before they make a decision, making it challenging for you to reach them at the right moment with the most meaningful content to help them make a decision.

Through the Spirable platform, you can use data to dynamically create and distribute highly engaging video content across social, email, display and messenger channels, at the right time to help and inform your customers at key points in their purchase journey.

Dynamic Video Ads Driven by Data

Target general or custom audiences with video content that is more relevant, tailored and in-the-moment.

The Spirable platform can dynamically change images, videos and text based on weather, time of the day, location and more. Live price feeds and availability can also be added to the video dynamically.

Swiping up takes customers to the booking page.

Data-driven Retargeting

Retarget travellers with information that is useful and helps to inform their purchase decision.

Spirable can gather historical data on prices for routes or hotel rooms and then use this data to present a visual representation of how the price is moving. This enables customers to make a more informed purchase decision.

The look and feel of the creative is fully customisable and the background image or video can change based on the destination.

Building and Rewarding Loyalty with Personalised Travel Guides

Using the Spirable platform British Airways created personalised travel guide videos that were delivered across Facebook and CRM platforms.

Each video included a personalised greeting, number of travel reward points and associated potential savings as well as recommended locations depending on number of points and demographic data.

The highly effective strategy doubled email CTR and 71% of users watched the full video. The video to purchase page CTR was 12%

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