Convert More Loyal Customers

Deliver the most relevant and personalised experience to help prospective customers understand your best suited offerings and promotions for them – increasing conversions and lowering cost per acquisition.

Grow Loyalty and Reduce Churn

Use personalised video at key points along your customers journey from welcome to billing, to deliver unique experiences that encourage action – increasing offer uptake and reducing call volumes and churn.

Automate and Optimise Video Creation at Scale

Easily create hundreds or millions of unique video ads in minutes across diverse audiences and markets with Spirables self-serve platform. Optimise creative in-flight to ensure you’re telling the most effective story to drive action.

Watch the Video: Vodafone

Vodafone drives a 100% uplift in sales with highly personalised, dynamic video ads. Watch the video to learn how Vodafone drove traffic online and in-store for their own-brand smart devices.

Stay Ahead with Personalised Video at Scale

The telecommunications industry is changing faster than ever. Shifts in technology, competitor actions, OTT pressure and regulatory requirements are making it harder for telco organisations to keep-up, and it’s becoming easier than ever for customers to swap providers.

To succeed, telcos must embrace data and digital technology to build meaningful and long lasting relationships with their customers. Through Spirable, you can easily create hyper-relevant and engaging video communications across channel, dynamically personalised through 1st party CRM data, social audience data and contextual live data – resulting in more engagement and action along the customer journey:

Customer Acquisition

Use personalised video ads to stand out and better connect with your target audiences

New Customers

Use personalised video to make new customers feel special and welcome


Create personalised videos to help explain billing and turn it into a good experience


Use data to recommend the perfect upgrade at the right time through a personalised video

“Spirable is a hugely powerful platform that would be a fantastic addition to any media plan that supports a highly complex or diverse product, helping it to make it relevant to many people at scale.”

Paul Carton | Head of Digital, Vodafone Ireland


Vodafone Germany drives awareness across-channel using dynamic data-driven video ads.

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Vodafone exceeds all marketing expectations with highly personalised, dynamic video ads

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