Build Deeper Relationships with Data

Maximise your CRM data to create one-to-one relationships with your fans at scale through data-driven personalised communications.

Maximise Loyalty with Personalisation

Personalisation increases the relevancy of communications and has a more meaningful impact to fuel fan passion and loyalty all year round.

Increase Engagement with Video

Data-driven video is proven to increase the effectiveness of email marketing, creating individualised experiences for each fan, inspiring loyalty.

Fuel Passion and Loyalty all Year Round

When it comes to fan engagement the goal posts have moved. It’s no longer just about winning trophies and selling tickets, fans now expect experiences on and off the field.

No two sports fans are alike so these experiences need to be personal to make an impact. Using the Spirable platform you can produce thousands of unique videos in minutes, personalised to each fans preferences and behaviours using dynamic data integrations and distributed across major email, social, display and messenger channels.

The Fan Engagement Journey

Increase fan engagement across channel with personalised video at every stage of the fan journey with Spirable.

1. Personalised Welcome Videos – Start the journey with truly memorable, shareable videos for each fan.

2. Personalised Merchandise Videos – An interactive experience for fans, where they can click to shop the latest merchandise from their personalised video.

3. Match Prediction Videos – Fans predict the score ahead of each match and receive a personalised video they can share with friends.

4. Personalised Birthday Videos – Surprise and delight fans on their birthday with a personalised video message from their team.

5. Personalised VIP Videos – Give fans VIP access, sending personalised videos based on their interactions with the club.

6. Personalised Thank You Videos – Thank your fans at the end of the season for their support with a personalised “Thank You” video.

A leading English Premier League Football Club uses Spirable to create a world-class fan engagement experience. Through Spirable’s self-serve platform, the club has created personalised videos at multiple stages of the fan engagement journey. To date millions of personalised videos have been delivered for football fans across the UK.

Each video features personalised text, image, video and audio, the fan's favourite player and a welcome message from the manager. Spirable fully automates the generation of each fan video and distributes it through the club's Email Service Provider and website in a matter of minutes.

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