Dynamic Data-Driven Ads

Spirable integrates directly with your pricing feed to dynamically create thousands of in-the-moment ads in real time based on the current live odds.

Creative Automation Platform

Automate the creation of video ads using on-brand creative templates that dynamically update to serve your audience the most relevant and personalised ad before and during the game.

Maximise Performance and Save Time

Spirable automates the creation of thousands of video variations, saving hours of time. The in-the-moment nature of the ads, creates urgency for sports betting customers to take action and drive conversions.

Acquire and Retain More Loyal Bettors

Recent changes in the law has resulted in online advertising quickly becoming the most effective way to acquire and retain new bettors. With the best odds highly influential in the purchase decision, advertising live odds in real time, before and during the game, has proven critical to motivate more people to take action and place a bet.

Spirable is the only creative automation platform that can automatically sync real-time odds into advertising across social ads, email, display, messenger and on your website – dynamically changing the creative as the odds change in real-time, before and in-play.

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Promote Real-Time Odds In Advertising Across Channel

Maximise Conversions with Hyper-Relevant Social Ads

Create dynamic adds for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using live odds data. When the odds change the ad creative changes automatically in real-time. Run live odds ads on the lead-up and in-play to maximise results.

Drive Awareness with Dynamic Display Ads

Promote real-time odds dynamically in display ad creative through Spirable, as a Content Delivery Network or integrated with Ad Servers via an API.

Convert Website or App Visitors

Include the Spirable video player on key landing pages that dynamically updates based on the real time odds price feed. The video player is dynamic, allowing visitors to click on CTAs within the videos to drive conversions.

Increase Repeat Bets via Email

Send personalised emails to existing customers, promoting the real time odds in video creative, embedded into the email. As the odds change, the email creative updates automatically to reflect the current price. Email creative can be further personalised through connecting 1st party data to dynamic fields in the creative template.

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