The Engagement Journey

Customer engagement has evolved and to truly connect with your customers in today's noisy landscape you must talk to them on an individual level, delivering hyper-targeted and useful content at the right time to drive action.

With Spirable + Saleforce, you can seamlessly set up and execute CRM video campaigns across all stages of the buying cycle, without having to leave the Salesforce eco-system.

Easily personalise video at every stage of the customer journey with Spirable:

1. Personalised Welcome Videos – Start the journey with truly memorable, shareable videos for each fan.

2. Personalised Product Videos – An interactive experience, where customers can click to shop the latest products from their personalised video.

3. Product Recommendation Videos – Using intent data, customers receive a personalised video recommending products based on their past purchases or interactions online.

4. Personalised Birthday Videos – Give customers VIP access, sending personalised videos based on their interactions with a brand.

5. Personalised VIP Videos – Give customers VIP access, sending personalised videos based on their interactions with a brand.

6. Personalised Thank You Videos – Thank your customers at the end of the season or year with a personalised “Thank You” video.

Used by the world’s leading brands and agencies

Used by the world’s leading brands and agencies

Build deeper relationships and drive action and loyalty

The Spirable app, allows brands to easily build on-brand video templates and dynamically layer in 1st party CRM data to create hundreds or millions of variations, and distribute across email or messenger channels.

Personalisation at scale

Spirable’s technology working in conjunction with Salesforce data allows scaled video campaigns to be set up and delivered in a matter of minutes.PERSONALISATION AT SCALE

Self-serve Creative Platform

Once the app is installed, companies can easily build their own personalised video campaigns through creative templates enriched dynamically by customer data from Salesforce.

Turn Data Into Insight

Customer data is only valuable if it can be used in a meaningful way which drives business growth and improves experiences and interactions.

Campaign Optimisation

Through creative and performance insights the Spirable platform can advise companies on creative optimisation to tell the most engaging story and increase campaign performance.


A leading entertainment provider increased engagement by 30x using Spirable + Salesforce.

The campaign utilised 25+ client data points housed in Salesforce to create millions of personalised videos based on a customers greatest gaming moments such as hours played, top games and trophies. Players loved their bespoke video so much they shared organically across social networks, further increasing its reach and success, resulting in thirty times the expected engagement.

Results: 30X Engagement | 14,500% increase in ROI