Automate Video Creation

Easily create and distribute thousands of on-brand personalised videos across social, email, display and messenger channels using Spirable’s self-serve creative platform.

Increase Conversions Online and Offline

Create the most compelling stories using 1st party data, location data, contextual data and live data such as stock levels to produce hyper-relevant creative that drives action.

Drive Repeat Purchases and Loyalty

Leverage CRM data such as past purchases to create recommendations videos and use data such as birthday or loyalty status to create individualised video content that inspires loyalty.

Personalised Storytelling at Scale

Customers today are more informed and empowered than ever. To keep up, retailers must differentiate the way they communicate with their customers through personalised and in-the-moment storytelling along the customer journey – resonating deeply to inspire action and build long lasting relationships.

Drive Conversions with Hyper-Localised Ads

Connect when and where it matters with in-the-moment targeted video ads that dynamically change based on what is happening around the consumer or their location.

Hyper-localised creative can pin-point the right message at the right time to the right audience using geo-targeting and location data. Connecting with consumers when they are near a physical store creates hyper-relevant ads that resonate in a more personalised way to drive online or offline action.

Increase Sales with Dynamic Retargeting

Automatically show video ads that promote the products people have expressed an interest in on your website or app.

The Spirable platform allows you to create video templates and use the product catalogue to create thousands of assets that update frequently to inspire customers to purchase – maximising the sale opportunity.

Create Urgency and Inspire Action with Live Data

With Spirable video creative can automatically adapt to the world we live in. Enabling content to connect with the target audience at every moment.

Live Inventory

The Spirable platform can incorporate external stock level data to create ads that reflect real-time inventory. Whenever the data changes, Spirable automatically updates the creative asset in seconds, creating an urgency that inspires customers to purchase.

Live Events

Increase conversions with countdown video campaigns in the run up to seasonal events such as Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday and Valentine’s Day. Dynamic images, videos and text can change based on location, sales prices and days and hours to go before the event.

Weather and Environmental

Environmental conditions such as weather, pollen and pollution have a big impact on what consumers do on a daily basis. Spirable can dynamically reflect these conditions in creative and link to product benefits to drive engagement and action.

Increase Conversions with Dynamic, Shoppable Stories Ads

With Spirable, retailers can easily turn engagement into sales with shoppable stories that dynamically update with product information from the product catalogue.

Easily create dynamic Stories Ads that are personalised for each defined audience. Images, videos and text can change dynamically based on location, weather or time of the day – updating multiple times per day, bringing in relevant products and data to keep them up-to-date and in-the-moment.

Drive Loyalty and Upsell with Post Purchase Recommendations

Through the Spirable platform, retailers can create dynamic templates for a post-sale recommendation videos, featuring products that complement a customer’s purchase. Birthdays and other key events can be used to inspire customers with discounts and recommendations.

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