Tell the most engaging story at the right-time with personalised video

Spirable gives you the creative freedom to dynamically personalise all aspects of your video creative and optimise in-flight to tell the most compelling story to drive action.

Data and Audience

The Spirable platform is uniquely built to integrate your video creative with an unlimited amount of data feeds including CRM data, social audience data, location data and live contextual data. Tailoring the content to each customer’s unique set of personal attributes, likes, dislikes, preferences and behaviour in the context of what’s going on around them in real-time.


Personal Info

Purchase Data

Website Activity

Service Usage Data


and more…


Audience Persona





and more…


Location Stores

Weather Forecast

Pollen Levels

UV Levels


and more…


Live Sports

Trending Events

Stock Levels

Time & Date

Live Travel Data

and more…

Creative Freedom

The Spirable platform makes it easy to create your own on-brand videos from scratch or using pre-built templates. Each layer is fully customisable giving you the creative freedom to build unique creative that stands out and inspires your customers to engage and take action.

Cross-Channel Distribution and AI Powered Optimisation

Distribute your creative directly through the Spirable platform across social, email, display and messenger channels thanks to deep API integrations with all the major platforms. Performance can be monitored in Spirable and further optimised using insights and AI to help you understand how to adapt the creative in-flight to tell the most engaging story.

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