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28 May

Retail Advertising During & After COVID-19

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During these challenging times – whether it be a pandemic or a financial recession – how you communicate matters more than ever.

Advertising now comes with a new set of challenges, with marketers having to factor in how the current pandemic is making people feel and also how new regulations are impacting how they do business.

In Retail Advertising During & After COVID-19 we showcase 6 innovative advertising strategies to help you communicate in the most effective way, along with ways to create the most efficient and relevant advertising during this time.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How you can drive footfall to stores during quieter times of the day, in order to maintain safe shopping environments.
  • How by using personalised video you can increase brand loyalty and bring people together online with engaging content.
  • The advantages of automating your product catalogue with video ads; enabling you to create a more efficient shopping experience online.
  • How dynamically localised ads can help you support a good cause during these difficult times.
  • How to become more agile using a dynamic creative platform to boost your marketing relevance and responsiveness.
  • Discover how you can easily interact with consumers along the entire funnel and across multiple channels with ease.