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28 September

Enhance your Holiday Marketing with Data-Driven Creative

Over the past 18 months consumer behaviour has changed drastically, with lockdowns and restrictions, the way we purchase has accelerated
towards more convenient digital channels and online shopping experiences.

With a sense of normalcy returning, brands and agencies can’t however simply revert to what worked in 2019. The landscape has evolved with a raft of new privacy changes, and consumers who have new needs and expectations. Considering the best ways to reach and
engage with audiences will be vital to success, short-term strategies can be effective, but it’s repeatable, creative-focused tactics that will drive real growth and performance.

In this guide

  • Learn how to combat signal loss this holiday season and beyond by focusing on your creative.
  • Discover how emerging creative technology and AI can ensure you deliver the best content for your audience.
  • Learn how automation is a key to unlocking significant cost and time efficiencies.
  • Explore a range of case studies showcasing how leading brands have adopted similar successful strategies.
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