Attract More Loyal Customers

Provide customers with highly relevant personalised experiences which make banking convenient and easy to understand.

Encourage Loyalty and Retention

Nurture customer loyalty and prevent switching through the use of unique onboarding videos to tailored offers.

Automate & Optimise Video Creation at Scale

Easily create thousands of unique video ads in minutes, optimised using AI and machine learning to ensure you’re telling the most compelling story to drive action.

Help Customers Embrace Finance with Dynamic Data-Driven Creative

With the rise of internet and mobile banking it's now more convenient than ever to manage our finances, whether it be from the comfort of our sofa or on the go with just a few taps.

Customers now expect personalised experiences which match their own unique financial needs and requirements. Using Spirable’s self-serve platform, marketers can create bespoke content which incorporates live data to deliver hyper-relevant, useful video marketing, which helps customers embrace banking, rather than see it as a chore.

Whether it’s driving app installs, providing customers with information on their nearest bank branch, or even generating 1:1 personalised offers on credit cards, pension funds or loans, it can all be efficiently achieved at scale, and across-channel using Spirable.

First Direct

First Direct wanted to launch an ‘Always-On’ campaign on social media to promote incentives and drive website traffic to their website. To create a hyper-targeted video ads First Direct decided to use the Spirable platform.

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Acquire New Customers

Personalised video ads provide the perfect medium to increase awareness and acquisition by promoting a range of services which might include anything from a specific ISA to a switch offer on a current account.

Drive App Installs

Efficiently increase mobile banking adoption and app installs by enriching ads with relevant data on branch opening times, closures, features and more – enticing customers with the convenience of mobile banking, driving in-the-moment action.

Demystify Finance

Banking can be complex, between billing, interest, and other terms it can often be a daunting prospect for customers to understand everything in the small text. By including dynamic data enriched videos in emails, customers can see a simple snapshot of their bill or mortgage rate changes in an easy to understand format.

Personalised Onboarding

Using a combination of scaled ad creative and live data, you can create inviting bespoke onboarding videos for customers which leverage CRM data to automatically factor in the particular account or product they have chosen, its value, and any other specific information.

Case Studies triples its online conversions with personalised style guide video email campaign

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First Direct

First Direct wanted to launch an ‘Always-On’ campaign on social media to promote incentives and drive website traffic to their website. To create a…

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Very improves customer loyalty by delivering personalised shoppable lookbook videos via email

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