Automate Personalised Video Creation at Scale

Empowering marketing teams with the technology to seamlessly bring data and creative together to create hundreds or millions of highly relevant and engaging videos in minutes, without the manual work.

Maximise ROI Through Data-driven Precision

Tailor your creative on an individual level, delivered at scale across social, display, email and messenger channels to create the most compelling, relevant and in-the-moment content that drives action online or in store.  

Increase Sales with Creative Optimisation

Help position your brand in the best way according to what your customers respond to through the ability to optimise your video creative in-flight to tell the most engaging story to build brand affiliation and loyalty.

Watch the Video: Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan drives footfall to offline venues with hyper-localised video advertising. Watch how Captain Morgan used geo-targeted personalised video across Facebook and Facebook messenger using a chatbot to increase sales.

Unique Experiences for Every Shopper

Digital disruption has changed the way people research, browse and purchase consumer packaged goods. Decisions are now made through research online vs a tactile experience in-store. Price is no longer the main factor, with today’s shopper also valuing sustainability and convenience.

Buyers today need useful information at the right time and CPG brands can achieve this with personalised video. With Spirable you can create unique experiences for each shopper to help educate and inform their purchase decisions through a data-driven approach to video creative.

Moment Activated Contextual Video for Social

The needs of your customers are different at different moments and they look for solutions and buy products for different reasons. These reasons are triggered by real world contexts; time of day, weather, location and the content they are consuming at that moment.

With Spirable you can make your message unique to every users in their unique moment through personalised video content that dynamically changes according to the time of the day, day of the week, current weather, pollen count and much more.

Reducing media wastage and creating the most contextually relevant content that drives action online and in-store.

Chat Bot Generated Personalised Video

Leverage data and dynamic technology to start conversations directly with potential consumers via a chatbot conversion and instantly deliver a video personalised to them.

Spirable can integrate with chatbots to engage directly with customers to collect information that can be pulled into a personalised video. The process is entirely automated and can be scaled up to create thousands of unique videos for your brand.

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