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Rexona drives brand awareness with dynamic, in-the-moment social media

Unique Daily Videos Created
People Reached
Increase in View-Through-Rate

The Challenge

Rexona is also known as Sure, Shield and Degree across different markets, and is the world’s best-selling deodorant. Rexona wanted to drive awareness of their brand across the French market, with a focus on increasing campaign reach.

To do this, Rexona required a solution to easily create, automate and distribute tailored video ads across social, in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The Solution

Using the Spirable platform, Rexona were able to repurpose their existing assets, together with a dynamic video template to cater their messaging to different times of the day.

Contextual videos were refreshed every 15 minutes and distributed across Facebook. To targeted audiences. A total of 48 unique videos were generated and shown to French viewers.

The Result

The dynamic Facebook newsfeed ads changed throughout to ensure relevancy and impact.

Overall, 14.5 million people were reached during the campaign, and the in-the-moment nature of the videos contributed to an 7.1% increase in view-through rates.

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