Rexona drives brand awareness with dynamic, in-the-moment social media video ads

Dynamic, in-the-moment social video ads to drive awareness


Unique Daily Videos Created


People Were Reached


Increase in View-Through-Rate

The challenge

Rexona partnered with Spirable to drive awareness of the Rexona brand across the French market, with the main objective being campaign reach.

The solution

By using the Spirable platform Rexona was able to repurpose existing assets by adding dynamic text layers which update automatically with the correct time and relevant message.

Contextual videos were refreshed every 15 minutes and pushed out across Facebook. A total of 48 unique videos were generated.

The campaign targeted audiences across the French market throughout the day.

The results

The dynamic Facebook newsfeed ads changed on micro-moments during the day. Thus, the delivered videos were always fresh and in-the-moment. Overall, 14.5 million people were reached during the campaign and the View-Through-Rate increased by 7.1%.

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