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Quaker Oats drives impressive results with personalised, data-driven creative

Sales Increase*
Lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC) vs Benchmark**
Higher Click Rate vs Benchmark**

The Challenge

Quaker Oats was established more than 140 years ago as a symbol of quality, great taste and nutrition. It is a part of PepsiCo, one of the world's largest consumer packaged goods companies.

To drive awareness and engagement around Quaker Oats and its flexibility as a healthy meal no matter the time or day, the brand set out to create dynamic, data-driven video ads which would appeal to a variety of target audiences.

The Solution

Using Spirable’s Creative Performance Platform, Quaker Oats were able to easily create two dynamic video templates from which they generated 57 creative variants and 114 videos for distribution across Facebook and YouTube.

These highly-relevant videos utilised the time of day (breakfast, lunch or dinner), alongside the day of week to enrich their creatives with contextual messaging. 

Each variant was tailored towards five unique target audiences: Mothers, Family, Oat-Lovers, Fitness, and Recipes to further drive relevancy and consideration around the different ways in which Quaker Oats can be enjoyed.

“Using Spirable's innovative platform, we were able to easily automate the creation of dozens of creative, data-driven variations with personalized messages based on brand audiences, days of the week, or meal times. The result was outstanding performance that surpassed our top KPIs, including a 7x decrease in CPC”
Quaker Latam Digital Team

The Result

Through the use of dozens of enriched video variations Quaker Oats were able to successfully reach each of their target audiences with visually-appealing creative that not only captured attention but also most importantly, drove action. The video campaign garnered a 3.5% average engagement rate, with a 37.5% average view-through rate.

Across both Facebook and YouTube results surpassed Quaker benchmarks with a 7X lower cost-per-click (CPC) and 3.3X lower cost-per-view (CPV), with a 6.4X higher click rate – showcasing both a significant increase in efficiency and performance.

Finally, Facebook results proved that the Quaker Oats audience loved the videos with 86.5% of viewers on average indicating positive sentiment towards them.

*29% sales increase vs Guatemalan forecast, January 2021

**Results are compared with brand forecasts

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