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Philips significantly drives engagement and awareness with personalised social videos

Increase in View-Completion-Rate
Decrease in Cost Per 10-Second View
Video Ads in Minutes

The Challenge

Philips wanted to repurpose their TV campaign creative for social media and drive engagement by creating personalised videos tailored to audiences in different locations, and based on the pollen count in those areas.

The goal was to drive awareness of Philips Air Purifiers by creating automated videos that are useful and contextually relevant.

The Solution

Philips selected 16 locations in the UK to target on social media.

Using Spirable they created a dynamic video template in minutes and a set of high level rules to map the creative.

Over the course of the campaign, Spirable generated over 400 unique videos, which automatically updated daily based on location, date, time and pollen count.

“By combining existing creative assets with contextual data, Philips used the Spirable platform to generate hundreds of video ads automatically. We saw a significant increase in engagement and video views thanks to delivering video content that was more tailored to different audiences based on location, time of the day and live pollen count.”
Louise Foster
Brand, Communications and Digital Director, Philips

The Result

Using Spirable, Philips were able to launch their campaign within 2 weeks and through Spirable’s innovative automation and personalisation technology, over 400 videos were created in minutes.

Philips saw a significant increase in engagement due to their creative dynamically updating alongside changes in live pollen counts and audience location.

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