Oreo increase awareness and conversions with engaging dynamic creative

Using Spirable, Oreo proves the value of personalised dynamic creative.

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The goal

Oreo is the best selling cookie brand in the world. To prove the effectiveness of personalised dynamic creative on increasing awareness and conversions, Oreo together with their partners, sought to create carefully-crafted audience specific creative, across multiple markets and languages.

The solution

To achieve their goals, Oreo utilised Spirable’s dynamic creative technology. Using the Spirable platform, the teams were able to seamlessly leverage on-brand dynamic video templates to automate the creation of different ad variations for each audience, in 2 different languages.

These audiences consisted of gamers, fashionistas, and pop culture lovers, and were measured against a broad audience to glean crucial insight. Multi-variant testing was employed to automatically scale creatives and bolster testing effectiveness.

Spirable’s intelligent decisioning matrix empowered the agencies to easily set-up and distribute highly relevant and localised ad variations for each audience and language.

“Using the Spirable platform was a great experience. It was really easy to use and allowed us to set-up and distribute multiple creatives in only two clicks. We’ve estimated that Spirable has saved us around 75% in campaign set-up time vs having to create the ads manually"

- Sara Kosseifi, Marketing Performance Specialist, Performics

"The Spirable platform is so incredibly dynamic, it allowed us to generate hundreds of personalised videos targeted at the right consumer, at the right time, with just a handful of assets. The platform is so easy to use and so much fun"

- Hiam Baltaji, Associate Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

The result

Using the Spirable platform, Oreo were able to use modular creative assets together with live data, contextual triggers and AI, to scale and automate the delivery of tailored videos for each audience, in the most relevant language, across-channel. Personalisation was key, leading to a massive 165X increase in CTR for shoppable ads, and a 60% higher VTR compared to Mondelez benchmarks and the performance of broad audience ads.

Spirable’s self-serve platform provided an essential end-to-end solution, allowing for stakeholder collaboration across creation, automation, distribution and optimisation. The result of this was highlighted in a Facebook Brand Lift study which revealed that the dynamic ads created for these campaigns ranked higher in ad recall, exceeding benchmarks set by 46% .

Overall, through the use of Spirable’s best in class technology, Oreo were able to connect with and captivate audiences with engaging personalised videos, drive significant efficiencies, and gather valuable insight for future activity.

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