Back to Customers drives conversions with personalised style guide videos

Customers Watched the Full Video
Increase in Email Click Through Rate
Increase in Conversion Rate

The Challenge, is an online furniture retailer, who wanted to improve retention and increase conversions by delivering personalised style guide videos delivered via email.

To achieve this, required a solution that would enable them to create video at scale, that is tailored to each individual in their CRM, in an automated and efficient manner.

The Solution

Using Spirable, created personalised style guide videos featuring complementary product recommendations based on a customer’s previous purchases.

From a single dynamic video template, was able to generate hundreds of thousands of ‘shoppable’ style guides that were delivered automatically via email. The video played on the website enabling the customer to click and easily purchase products that were featured.

The Result

Through Spirable, were able to create highly-relevant, tempting style guide videos to promote complementary products. The videos helped to reinforce brand loyalty and drive awareness of products with an engaged, existing customer segment. 

This was evident with the videos achieving a 3x increase in online conversions, with 75% of customers watching the full video.

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