Hunter Boots increases awareness and drives conversions with weather triggered personalised videos

Contextual, weather-driven video increases engagement and purchases


Higher Engagement Rate


Unique Personalised Video Ads


Return on Ad Spend vs Generic Creative

The challenge

Hunter Boots were interested in knowing whether weather-driven, localised videos would help to drive up awareness and conversions on Facebook compared to generic ads.

Hunter Boots chose to partner with Spirable, a Facebook Marketing Partner, to test the power of dynamic, personalised video ads.

The solution

Hunter Boots ran a split test to compare personalised versus generic video ads. With the Spirable platform, Hunter Boots created a dynamic video template in minutes and a set of high level rules to map the creative.

Videos were generated automatically and changed based on an individual's location, local weather, and the day of the week to promote relevant weather-related products.

The campaign targeted two different audiences across 8 cities during the two-week campaign.

"Facebook’s technology, combined with the Spirable platform, enabled us to deliver unique ads every day, without having to manually update the ad creative. Because of this, we didn’t have to worry about saturating our audience with the same messaging, because it changed from day to day in a relevant and contextual way. This lead to an increase in performance - without the extra work.”

- Hunter Boots

The results

Over 200 different personalised video ads were generated as a part of a split test. Personalised videos saw a 17% higher engagement rate with a 1.25X return on ad spend compared to the generic creative.

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