Holland & Barrett builds brand loyalty with emotional, personalised birthday videos

Personalised birthday videos to increase loyalty


Birthday Videos


Customers Watched the Full Video


Increase in Email CTR

The challenge

Holland & Barrett wanted to celebrate the relationship with their customers, increase engagement, and brand loyalty by tapping into an emotional moment in the customer journey. This was achieved by creating personalised videos with gifts for each customer.

Holland & Barrett wanted to leverage their existing data for emotional, personalised birthday videos and thus, chose the Spirable platform.

The solution

H&B setup an automated data process to send the birthday data weekly from their CRM system.

Using Spirable they created a dynamic video template in minutes and a set of high-level rules to map the creative.

H&B generated thousands of birthday videos and tailored the gift based on the customer's purchase history.

The contextual video was sent out through email and the video played on a white labeled landing page enabling the customers to click the products as they feature in the video and redeem their gift.

The results

Personalised birthday videos helped to build and reward loyalty. The personalised videos generated by the Spirable platform increased email click-through rate by 4.2x. Moreover, 69% of customers watched the full video.

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