Holiday Autos increase conversions by delivering dynamic, geo-targeted videos across CRM systems

Increase conversions with dynamic, geo-targeted videos across CRM


Average % Video Watched




Pre-Rental Contact Rate Reduction

The challenge

Holiday Autos wanted to create a better customer experience. Their goal was to reduce pre-rental contact to the Holiday Auto’s Customer Support Team. They chose the Spirable platform to leverage their CRM data and to create personalised marketing messaging.

The solution

With Spirable the Holiday Autos Team was able to leverage their CRM data and create a short informative video that educates customers on the details of their booking.

The personalised video includes the weather for their holiday destination, their booking details, and an explainer of what they do.

The results

The personalised car rental videos based on a customer’s travel destination were highly engaging. On average 74% of the video was watched and had a click-through rate of 32%. Holiday Autos managed to reach its goal by reducing their customer pre-rental contact rate from 11% to 4%.

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