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Heineken drives footfall and ROI using data-driven hyper-localised video

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The Challenge

Heineken aimed to implement a revolutionary data-driven personalisation strategy, exploring its effect on sales of Heineken brands at specific pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK.

Many of these venues can often be in close proximity to each other, especially in city centres, which can cause uneven ad spend and promotion. This was an important challenge to overcome, as it was vital every targeted pub was supported equally with ad spend.

Additionally, Heineken wanted to deploy an iterative test and learn programme which looked at factors such as hyper-local targeting, sports sponsorship and the effectiveness of different channels on ad performance, driving footfall and ROI.

The Solution

To achieve this Heineken leveraged the Spirable platform to execute an award-winning Individualised Data-Driven Marketing (I-DDM) campaign called Flywheel.

Using Spirable’s dynamic creative technology, Heineken was able to scale and distribute 8,989 hyper-localised video ads across 6,000 UK bars and pubs, avoiding audience overlap and putting in place a world-class efficiency workflow thanks to Spirable’s proprietary clustering tool, ad set creation and scheduling technology.

A rigorous testing framework was introduced by segmenting outlets into two groups; exposed venues which received ad-supported promotion, and a non-exposed control group.

Taking on board the success of these tests, the scope of Flywheel was then expanded by integrating sports fixtures, starting with the UEFA Champions league which Heineken sponsors, and later the Six Nations Championships. These highly-relevant and hyper-local ads promoted upcoming games and their respective kick-off times, as well as a nearby venue where an individual could go to watch the game alongside a drink – increasing the relevance of the ads.

"Spirable was instrumental in enabling Heineken to prove the value of data-driven personalisation at scale. Using the Spirable platform, we achieved as much as 10x sales ROI, through geo-targeted ads to drive cider and beer volume in pubs."
Matt Rix
Head of Data Driven Commerce, The HEINEKEN Company

The Result

Over the last 18 months, the Spirable platform has empowered Heineken to deploy four pioneering campaigns in support of 10 Heineken brands.

These campaigns have since proven several hypotheses; aiding in gathering vital insights, driving footfall to local businesses, and boosting ROI up to 10x. Sports augmented campaigns where midweek fixtures were shown, saw beer category sales increase by 8%, while sales of Heineken increased by 16% versus a control group.

Developing on this success, Heineken is committed to building on their strategy of innovation and data-driven excellence together with Spirable, including expanding the scope of future Flywheel activations.

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