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Heineken inspires action with data-driven videos during Euros tournament

Higher CTR vs brand benchmark
Lower CPM achieved with dynamic creative
Higher brand association

The Challenge

As the official partner of UEFA Euro 2020, Heineken wanted to capitalise on their partnership and connect with fans during the highly-anticipated 2021 tournament using engaging, relevant and timely video content.

Due to the event being delayed because of Covid, excitement was at fever pitch, and as such, Heineken sought to develop creative which leveraged key triumphant moments during each match.

To achieve this, Heineken turned to Genius Sports’ Spirable platform to fulfil their ambitious campaign.

The Solution

Using Spirable, Heineken were able to execute reactive updates to their campaign reflecting changes throughout the Euros tournament.

Their initial goal was to drive table bookings at pubs and bars, making sure fans were braced to watch upcoming games at local venues. On the eve of matches beginning to kick off, dynamic countdowns were used to drive awareness and urgency, encouraging fans to book a table through Matchpint. The call-to-action then evolved alongside the group stages activation to automate the promotion of the next upcoming match and its start time.

During the Euros campaign Heineken were acutely aware of ad fatigue and how effectiveness might fall, and to combat this, different creative elements such as the ad background (in one instance a stadium was featured, in another a pub) and messaging were adapted to ensure their creative felt fresh for viewers.

The final leg of the activity saw Heineken highlight England’s fantastic performance, and led into the use of Genius Sports live sports data to keep fans enthralled in the magic of the game. This included the use of dynamic flag imagery alongside messaging which focused on scores during each game, the half-time score and the full-time winner, showcasing these in updated ads which were distributed in real-time to ensure maximum relevancy.

"Genius Sports' Spirable platform continues to be instrumental in driving results far beyond our expectations; including an 180% increase in CTR for our Euros campaign. Spirable's powerfully effective data-driven solutions coupled with Genius Sports unrivalled live data have been invaluable in achieving our business goals."
Jimmy Hughes
Social Lead, HEINEKEN UK

The Result

After an electrifying tournament that brought the nation together, Heineken was at the forefront of engaging fans across Facebook and Instagram with their fun and unique creative.

Across the entirety of the campaign, Heineken generated more than 550 unique videos across both feed and stories placements, reaching over 16 million users around on-trade locations.

The innovative brewer drove an 183% higher CTR vs brand benchmarks, whilst delivering a 16% lower CPM and attaining a 2x higher Brand Association as established through a Facebook Brand Study. Combined these results showcase how Heineken was able to capture the attention of fans through the use of relevant, useful creative that has value for viewers.

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