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Halls increases brand consideration with immersive, weather-driven video creative

Ad recall uplift on Facebook vs industry benchmark
Ad recall uplift on Facebook vs non-dynamic campaign
Ad recall uplift on Twitter

The Challenge

Halls is the leading sugar confectionery brand in the world, accounting for more than 50% of global cough-drop sales.

To promote and drive sales of their Soothers and Menthol sweets, Halls sought to effectively enrich their creative and produce hyper-relevant video ads.

To achieve this, Halls required a solution to leverage complex granular data, scale their creative, and to gain the ability to distribute with ease and efficiency across-channel.

The Solution

Using Spirable, Halls promoted both their Soother and Menthol sweets with over 1,000 data-driven video ads across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Through the use of dynamic templates, Halls creative featured a gorgeous visualisation of the current weather, showcased one of two products and directly mentioned the viewers city alongside relevant messaging.

The weather data utilised in the creative consisted of 6 different types, with the Spirable platform also breaking this down into additional subsets based on intensity and temperature. This included contextual messaging based on weather types such as icy, windy and even cloudy and the consumers market – enhancing the level of personalisation and accuracy for each of the 20 UK and 6 Irish locations targeted.

“‘Spirable’s capabilities enabled us to become hyper-relevant for our consumers whilst keeping complexity low. Their collaboration helped deliver strong results for our digital campaign, showing that consumer-centricity really pays off”
Rafael Espesani
Senior Brand Manager, Halls

The Result

Through Spirable, Halls was able to create and distribute a highly-relevant and dynamic national campaign, across-channel and all through a single platform.

Brand Lift Studies were conducted with both Facebook and Twitter and saw astounding results. Across Facebook and Instagram a 140% Ad Recall Uplift was seen versus industry benchmarks*, and a 28% Ad Recall Uplift versus Non-Dynamic Creative.**

Across Twitter similar success was proven with a 21pt Uplift in Ad Recall and a 7pt Increase in Consideration, showcasing the memorability and engagement driven by the dynamic, data-driven creative.

*Facebook: CPG, standard ad recall: 6.3pt vs 15.1 uplift with Spirable

**Facebook: FMCG industry benchmark of 6-9%

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