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Guinness drives footfall to local venues with hyper-localised video advertising

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Local Bars
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The Challenge

Guinness wanted to create an innovative social media campaign that would bring people together at local Guinness venues to watch Rugby.

The goal was to raise awareness of local Guinness vendors and increase the number of people going to their pub to watch a match over a pint. To achieve this, Guinness required a solution to effectively and efficiently create hyper-localised video ads across Facebook.

The Solution

Using Spirable, Guinness set out to create a unique Facebook video ad for every Guinness venue in the UK and Ireland – to be shown to targeted audiences within their area, and updated dynamically based on which rugby matches were being shown.

Guinness’ ATL agency were able to build ads using the Spirable platform, and created a master template using existing campaign assets.

The full list of Guinness vendor locations were then added as well as match information. The generated personalised videos were then automatically delivered to geo-targeted audiences on Facebook.

The Result

Guinness created and delivered more than 30,000 unique, localised Facebook video ads for more than 2500 local bars and venues.

These videos are automatically updated based on time of day and sporting fixtures to ensure the most relevant creative is served.

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